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Facial Reflexology

Please note that for the time being facial reflexology treatments have been suspended. If you would like to be put on the waiting list for when they do resume please email Michelle

Facial Reflexology: holistic AND beautifying

Facial reflexology offers a unique and bespoke two-in-one treatment. Not only can it help to support health and wellbeing working on the same premise as foot reflexology but it has the added benefit of rejuvenating and revitalising the skin, leaving you with a healthy glow inside and out. It has been hailed in the press as a "natural alternative to botox".

Feel and look your BEST!

Many clients notice an immediate effect after one treatment, however, a series of treatments over time allows for results on a deeper level. These may include helping to:

  • Sculpt, firm and tone facial muscles
  • Encourage the natural production of collagen and elastin for a smoother and more plump complexion
  • Smooth out frown lines and fine lines and wrinkles
  • Aid detoxification and lymphatic draining
  • Ease muscular tension around the head and jaw
  • Reduce problems with the sinuses
  • Clear the mind and senses

    ..and not forgetting the deeper holistic benefits of reflexology such as calm, relaxation and restoring balance to your health and wellbeing, helping you to feel and look great!

  • The must-have facial

    Facial reflexology has become a sought-after therapy for celebrities and models across top beauty spas and clinics and has recently received rave reviews in the press such as Tatler, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmo and the Mail on Sunday You Magazine.

    "I treat myself to facial reflexology the day before a big night out or a photo shoot as it tightens the muscles in the face. " - Louise Redknapp, Singer and Celebrity, The Telegraph

    See what others have said about facial reflexology in the media

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    Keeping it holistic, uncomplicated and natural

    Facial reflexology works by using pressure-point massage on the reflexes on the face believed to correspond to different parts of the anatomy. This helps to bring balance and calm to the body and mind optimising your health and wellbeing.

    In stimulating the reflex points, the therapist also works deeply through all the layers of the skin. This encourages new blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the skin, including collagen and elastin, to tighten, tone and plump the skin.

    The therapy is gentle and non-invasive, carried out simply by using the fingertips and top quality natural, organic facial oils without the use of any artificial chemicals or high-tech equipment. Michelle intersperses the treatment with Japanese facelift massage techniques and Indian head massage to deepen the effects of the treatment and create an even more sumptuous experience for her clients.
    Unlike many other facials, each treatment is tailored to your individual needs and health and wellbeing as with any other reflexology session.

    Michelle was trained by Ziggie Bergman, an internationally renowned and respected practitioner in the art of facial reflexology whose unique method blends reflexology Zone Therapy with Native American facial pressure points.

    See what the media has to say about facial reflexology:

  • "...contender for London's best facial..." - Review by former Times Beauty Editor Sarah Vine
  • "...an all natural alternative to Botox with internal benefits to boot" - Hip & Healthy
  • ...I could see the effect immediately... the cumulative result is face-and life-enhancing." - The Daily Mail

  • Test it out

    If you'd like to try facial reflexology, why not add 30mins to your next 60min foot reflexology treatment for just £20....

    ...or, if you don't need any more convincing book yourself in for a full 60mins of facial reflexology!

    Find out more about reflexology, the treatment, benefits, and location, hours and prices

    To make an appointment call Michelle on 0779 10 76096 or email her

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